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MVP Development

Prototype and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development

We’ve worked with a number of clients to develop prototype and minimum viable apps, which allows them to test and validate their idea or obtain fundingĀ  from outside investors. Prototype development can range from inexpensive, clickable prototypes to fully functioning MVP apps available to download on the App Store.

iOS App Development

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch App Development

Our iOS (Apple) development services include developing apps for the iPhone (all versions, including 6 and 6 Plus models) as well as iPad development (including iPad Mini) and Apple Watch.

There isn’t much that we haven’t done. We’ve created apps with instant messaging and group chatting (like Whatsapp), apps with video and sound editing, retail apps for shops and consumers alike. We’ve experience of integrating apps with external databases, as well as creating bespoke databases from scratch.

Android App Development

Android Phone and Tablet Development

With Android development, the challenges are different than with iOS development. There are many different Android devices, with different screen sizes, operating systems and so on. When we develop for Android, we make sure we cater for all these differences. This means we test the app on multiple devices, each running different operating systems.

Mobile App Marketing

Getting Your App Noticed

With almost 1 million other apps on the App Stores, how will your app get noticed?

We can help you design a marketing plan around your objectives. We can build features into the app that help with marketing, such as sharing features that could help your app to go viral. We can help with other things to help get your app noticed, such as App Store Optimisation (ASO), and online advertising (Adwords and Facebook) to drive downloads.

UX Design

User Experience (UX) Design

User Experience (UX) design is designing the app so that it gives the best possible experience for the end user. This step is often overlooked by many app development companies, but it is arguably the most important step of all. The reason is quite simple: the majority of complaints and bad reviews that mobile apps get is often down to a poorly designed, hard to use interface. If users find your app hard to use, they will simply stop using your app. Apps should allow users to achieve their chosen objectives quickly and easily.

Mobile App Strategy

Harness the Power of Mobile

We help businesses harness the power of mobile. Through mobile you can drive increased productivity and efficiency, just by taking advantage of something that all of your staff will have – a phone. We can help you discover the parts or the processes within your business that would benefit from mobile technology. We will create a strategy that allows you to define a clear path for taking advantage of the power of mobile within your business.

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