Physiomapp is an application that acts as a visual aid for medical practitioners and their patients to help visualise and measure limbs, head and joint angles.

Physiomapp calibrates a photograph, overlies a grid, sets a vertical plumb line and gives the user multiple options of x- and y-axis lines.


iOS App Development

The practitioner can select as many of the x- and y-axis lines as he chooses which can be positioned, slid and tilted to follow joint angles and mal-alignments. As the lines are manipulated on the touch pad the software automatically displays the degrees of angles and centimetres (or inches). It can act as a goniometer, tractograph or inclinometer.

Angles typically measured include: head tilt, Cobb angle, scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, pelvic tilt, pelvic asymmetry, shoulder drop, flat back, gluteal fold, popliteal crease, quadriceps angle, tibial varum/valgum, coxa vara/coxa valga, genu varum/valgum, calcaneal inversion/eversion or pronation/supination.

Medical App Developers

The software is intuitive and quick and easy to use – a picture can be taken and overlaid with the required number of angles in a few minutes. Up to 4 pictures can be captured in succession (anterior/posterior/side etc) depending on what is required. As with all touch screens the practitioner can zoom in to focus on an area of interest.

This app was developed for iPhone 4, 5, 6 and 6+, as well as a specific iPad version.