Now Wow

Now Wow is an innovative, location based social networking and group chat messaging app – a combination of Happn and Whatsapp.

The app, which was made for both iOS and Android, utilises Location Services to allow the user to see which places are busy or buzzing near them right now. Users can see who is at their local café, bar, club, or even on the university campus.

Now Wow

Users can “check-in” to that venue or location, which allows them to see other user profiles, and exchange real time chat messages with them.


Now Wow

Features of the app include:

  • Location and map based venue browsing
  • Instant chat messaging, (including sharing of photos)
  • Group to Group chat messaging (this innovative feature allows users to team up with their friends to create a “chat group” from which their messages can be sent to other chat groups.)
  • Broadcast messaging for venue managers
  • Venue controls: This feature allows venue managers to send messages to all users in their venue notifying them of exclusive venue offers.

The app launched in January 2015 and was rolled out across a chain of bars in Central London.

Our clients for this app were 2 entrepreneurs with experience of the leisure industry, They had thought of the concept and came to us to deliver the app for them. We helped take their initial concept, analysed it, made some suggestions to help refine it, then worked on all stages of the project.

This included design, making a prototype, development of the app, database and servers, testing, submission and finally post-launch support.