Calisto is an iOS app that lets you create lists of your favourite things and share them with your friends. It allows you to exchange trusted recommendations about the things you love with the people you value the most. We were involved from the very beginning – the client came to us with an idea and asked us to make it a reality. We were involved in the initial concept stage, design, iPhone app development and testing.


You can make and share lists of your favourite films, books, music, restaurants, etc or anything at all. You can also list anything you like and you can illustrate your lists with photos, descriptions and web links.

App Developers

This is a screenshot of the

We developed the app for iOS, using Parse as the database. We chose to use Parse as it also provides push notifications abilities which we could use for the app.

For instance, when a friend adds an item to a list, we would use Parse’s notification services to alert their friends that they’ve added a new item to a list.

Calisto was the brainchild of a client who didn’t come from a technical background, or have any experience with apps or software development before the project. It was a great project to work on as we helped the client take his plans from the idea stage all the way to the app store.

This is a screenshot of the Item detail page of Calisto. Users can add detailed text and images on their item. Other users can comment and like the item


– Create, share, edit, reorder ten item lists. (Lists can be up to 15 items in the Sports category).
– Bring your lists alive by adding pictures, descriptions and web links.
– Browse your friends’ lists to find recommendations, search for items and key words.
– Comment on and like your friends’ lists. Get notifications when they like or comment on your lists.
– Use the Feed section to see what your friends have been adding.
– Discover section randomly selects items from across your friends’ lists. Filter by category type to get random selections in particular categories, like Film or Books.

This is a screenshot of the My Lists page which contains the different Lists that have been created by the user. A user can choose from a predefined set of categories or choose to add any category they wish