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Choosing a mobile app development company

With so many app development companies out there, how should you go about choosing the right one for your business? This short article covers a few basic points to consider when deciding which mobile app development company to choose.  If you would like any help or advice on choosing an app development company, feel free to contact us.

Key points when choosing a mobile app development company

  • Speak to them – it’s likely that if this is your first time to develop a mobile app, you are likely to have a few questions on how to successfully make a mobile app, and how the mobile app development process works. Speak to the app developers you’ve identified. Are they able to answer your questions? Can they explain things to you in layman’s terms, and not app developer terms?
  • Above all else, once you’ve spoken with them, do you get the impression that they are interested in exploring your business at a deeper level and your reasons for wanting an app? Sometimes an app may not be the right solution for you, but how many of these app developers would tell you that?

If any of the app developers offer free consultations, take them up on it so you can get the chance to get a feel for the company and its ethos.

If you need any advice on choosing an app developer, please feel free to get in touch.

Does size matter?

Is a large app developer preferable to a small app developer? Big and small app developers both have their pros and cons. But you have to choose an app developer that is right for your needs – and big won’t necessarily mean better.

Some points to consider when choosing a bigger mobile app development company are:

  • Larger app developers are usually better at dealing with large scale or complex mobile app projects.
  • Larger app developers are more likely to be around in the future to make enhancements/produce future mobile app versions.
  • More expensive – bigger app developers have more overheads and a larger cost base to support, hence they will tend to charge more for the same service.
  • Can sometimes be slower – if they have other work on it can take some time before they can start a project.
  • Less flexible – smaller operators can be quicker to adapt to client changes – larger companies may need more formal procedures to be adhered to, thus taking longer.

Some points to consider when choosing a smaller mobile app development company are:

  • Responsiveness – small app developers are usually more responsive to customer needs. Smaller mobile app development companies are more likely to appreciate your business and do more to keep you happy than larger app developers who may have more clients.
  • More cost effective – smaller companies have a much smaller cost base, meaning these cost savings can be directly passed on to customers.
  • Smaller app developers may lack technical expertise for certain complex systems development.
  • Smaller app developers may take longer to develop due to fewer staff available.

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